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Howard Partridge (Owner)

Howard Partridge started Clean As A Whistle in 1984 with a passion to educate the community on proper care for high end floors and fabrics. He was also passionate about helping people avoid the typical pitfalls of hiring a service company by creating the mission “to provide the most outstanding service experience ever”. Today, Howard is a top consultant in the cleaning industry and travels the world teaching other professional cleaners how to build their businesses. The team and systems Howard developed continue to carry on the mission, creating the gold standard for service companies in the Houston area.


Scott Zack (Director of Administration)

Scott graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He also took some post graduate classes in Marketing. Scott joined CAAW in 1997 and was part owner for 8 years. After leaving in 2005 to pursue a family business opportunity, Scott returned in 2010. He oversees all administrative functions, including payroll, bookkeeping, monthly reporting, and budgeting. He is also very involved with Marketing.




 Johann De Leon (Director of Operations)

Johann joined CAAW in 2004. He was certified and trained as a technician for 9 years. In 2013, he was promoted to Director of Operations where he oversees our Sales Team, our Marketing Team, and our Technicians and Assistants. He is in charge of the stone and rug departments as well as all products that we use for our clients. Johann not only conducts daily morning training meetings, but he is also Clean As A Whistle’s phenomenal Dream Manager. He helps each individual team member weekly reach their dreams and goals in life. Johann also deals with any customer related issues or repairs making sure that we are sticking to our guarantee and while making sure we provide the “most outstanding service experience ever.”


Eduardo Ramos (Marketing Manager)

Eduardo Ramos is originally from Miami, Florida. He has been with the company for 5 years as a senior technician and has now been transitioned into our Marketing Manager. He is certified as a Master Rug Technician, Hard Surface Specialist, Carpet Repair and Restretcher, Fine Fabric Care, Carpet Care & Maintenace, & Marblelife Certified. He is one of our approved CEU (Continuing Education) Instructors for interior designers here in Houston, TX. His passion is creating video educational series, music, and helping people on how they can better promote their business. He is also the author of 6 books relating to business and finance.


Juan Macias (Dispatch Manager)

Juan is from Santo Domingo de los Sachilas, Ecuador. He was raised in New Jersey until he was 13 and then moved to Houston and has lived here for 19 years. Juan enjoys family, friends, and sport viewing but his hobby and passion is cars. Growing up, he tried many different jobs but never found the right fit until he started working for Clean As A Whistle. He learned how to build relationships with clients and he enjoys being able to consult with them and to help provide a solution to their needs. Juan has been with the company for 10 years and has enjoyed every one of them. He plans to continue growing and implementing all that he has learned to better himself and his family.


Dago Gonzalez (Facilities Manager)

Dago was born in El Salvador. He has been with Clean As A Whistle for 16 years. He maintains our facility and makes sure our vehicles and cleaning equipment are in top working order. Dago enjoys fishing with his son and likes to watch soccer.