We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Entrusted Restoration for all of your water damage needs. Have you noticed discolored grout? Does your flooring appear to be warped?

​Does it feel soft or spongy? These are signs of potential water damage that should be taken very seriously. If these unfortunate circumstances do occur, contact Entrusted, as they will be able to serve you in one of your greatest times of need.

Entrusted Restoration’s History with Clean As A Whistle

Howard Partridge and John Torres met 16 years ago where Howard quickly became a business coach and mentor to John. Howard’s mentorship program has paved the way for John and Entrusted to be where they are at now. Entrusted’s 35-truck company is a product of the many success stories from Howard’s diligent mentorship. Clean as a Whistle is thrilled to not only have helped with the upbringing of this company but also to be able to introduce Entrusted as a partner to their valued clients.

Services Entrusted Offers:

Entrusted strives to deliver the most outstanding restoration experience for residents in the Greater Houston Area. They complete every project to provide long-lasting results on which you can rely. 

They provide free assessments using a moisture meter and thermal imaging camera. After determining what areas have been affected by water, they can provide you with the necessary equipment to fully dry out those areas. They have team members who will assist you and communicate with your insurance company, if necessary, throughout the entire project. 

Phone Number: 832-786-4623

Website: http://www.entrusted.com

How to Avoid Nightmare ​Cleaners